about us

Pro-Gram Engineering has had the pleasure of serving the automotive community for over 30 years and is proud to claim the title of the world’s largest and best manufacturer of aftermarket main bearing caps. Dedicating ourselves to the principle of “quality, not quantity, is our #1 product” enables us to provide a superior part in design, manufacture and material. These principles have allowed us to provide parts to all facets of the automotive performance industry including NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing, NTPA Tractor Pullers, Offshore and Drag Boat Racing,and many more.

Quality, as defined by Webster, is “the degree of excellence of a thing”; Pro-Gram Engineering strives to maintain an excellent quality in our materials and production methods.


  • Material: With the influx of lesser quality goods and materials to the US, Pro-Gram Engineering solely uses materials certified as produced in the US. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the materials used in our parts, which are critical in any performance application.
  • Equipment: The machinery and equipment used to manufacture our products is continually being maintained and upgraded to ensure the highest precision available.
  • Location: Pro-Gram Engineering manufactures all of it’s goods here in the US. Our manufacturing facility is located in Barberton, OH, which allows us to have direct influence on our product quality and manufacturing methods.
  • Personnel: Pro-Gram Engineering proudly employs highly skilled men and women from the surrounding communities. The combined machining and manufacturing experience at our, and your, disposal is in excess of half a century. While already highly skilled and competent, Pro-Gram engineering’s employees are continually trained in new manufacturing methods and techniques as well as CAD design and software. 



                                                                 Properties of Common Materials Used In Main Cap Manufacturing
                                                               Materials currently used by Pro-Gram Engineering are indicate by an ( * )
Material SAE 1045*SAE
1018 / 10206061 Aluminum7075 Aluminum*Grey Cast Iron Class 30Nodular IronTitanium*
Tensile Strength90,500148,00055,00045,00083,00030,00060,000144,000
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion @ 212 – 750 deg F.5.9 – 7.58 – 8.3 (@ 1000 – 1800 deg)5.9 – 7.511.7 – 13.711.7 – 13.70 – 66.6 – 10.44.3 – 7.5 (@ 1000 – 1800 deg)
Hardness in bhn19730210195150100 – 120150320 – 380